The Transition


So every mama out there knows after having a baby it takes a minute to find yourself again. Getting back in the grove isn’t easy and sometimes you never find your “old self”. At least I didn’t. It almost felt like I had to reinvent myself. It’s so hard to explain but I truly feel like I met myself when meeting my daughter. Beyoncé put it like this, “My daughter introduced me to myself.” I couldn’t relate to that statement more. Society tries to imply that once you have a child you are done. Your dreams, goals, potential, and sense of self is over. You are no longer a person and you are just a “mom” now, and we should be pitted. “Her life is so over.” It couldn’t be further from the truth. I have never felt more empowered, motivated, productive, focused, or worthy Β in my entire life. Motherhood is the best reason to want to be better. Its is the best reason to stop cursing, to never quit, to try new things, to chase your dreams even harder, to keep the laundry going, to live a healthy lifestyle, to continuously pursue God, and to get into a healthie state of mind.

I would have never guessed 5 years ago that my life would be what it is today. I don’t recognize that girl anymore but I can relate to her. It’s strange. Being a mother is one of the most beautiful things you will ever become and when you become a Mother the most beautiful part of your life starts to be written. Everyday isnt easy but each day remember you are woman, you are strong, you were made for this, and you are completely badass because of it!

Local Lovers


THIS is where we are on Saturdays when we aren’t swamped with filming weddings. Pepper is a busy body so staying in the house all day, no way. She loves getting out and we usually go on a couple walks a day. We are so passionate about small business in our family! Could have something to do with owning one ourselves LOL! There is a Farmers Market every Saturday in our neighborhood and we like getting organic blueberries and other goodies they have. It usually rotates often at markets. Peppers favorite thing to eat is BLUEBERRIES! Which is so cute because she has the biggest blue eyes, her middle name is Blue, and her mamas hair…Blue! It is so important for us to do what we can and contribute to keeping small businesses a float, you meet a ton of special people along the way too. This little joint is Blue Pelican Coffee( there’s the Blue thing again I swear i didn’t plan all of this). The couple running it were super sweet and friendly. Check them out if you get a chance and remember to shop local as much as possible! UGH just another reason we are so pumped on our move to Nashville in November! Should make this whole obsession a breeze!