No Cable No problem!


I’ve been on a soul cleansing mission lately. Not just for me but for my daughter Pepper and my husband. You know the saying, “you are what you eat” I feel like there is truth to that.Β I’ve been feeling that way about TV lately too. There is so much negative, materialistic, toxic, messages that are portrayed the majority of the time. Love and Hip Hop ATL has been my jam and my guilty pleasure for years. It all started with Flavor of Love. I still quote the show daily. But seeing these beautiful humans settle and not living to there fullest potential bummed me out. All of this talent but endless negative exchanges between the cast members. I feel that way about most of the shows I allowed myself to get sucked into. After a while I have just realized that these shows weren’t feeding my brain, bettering me, inspiring me, or encouraging me. They weren’t helping my exchanges with other people or my state of mind in general. Then it hit me. Why lend my time to anything that doesn’t contribute to my growth as a person, even for my family.

The next day was my trip to Nashville, Davis had Pepper of course. Being away from Pepper was one of the hardest things I have done in a long time, but healthy at the same time. While on the plane, I sat next to people from so many different backgrounds. They were so special. We exchanged words of encouragement and empowered each other. It was made clear to me again how special real human connection is. Anything that takes away from that, with such little trade off, isn’t worth doing. I texted my husband and chatted it over with him, he agreed and said he didn’t like having cable anyway. He canceled it immediately. Keep in mind I was addicted to the Kardashians and all of the other big shows, so this was an adjustment.

We are trying to focus on the things that enrich us as people and as a family. Spending time with each other and God. When we get the TV itch, we watch Sermons from our church in Nashville Cross Point. If you want some good brain food, that is a great place to start! Painting, Β cleaning, reading books, going on walks, connecting with people, encouraging people, all things positive are welcome! We have been crafting a TON and I think y’all will love it! Going to be sharing that next!

If we spent as much time lending ourselves to the betterment of this world as we do on our bad habits and guilty pleasures, Β I think life would be even more beautiful!

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